Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winx Enchantix Sticker Book!



Hi there! Its Miann!
I just wanted to make a review on my Winx Enchantix Sticker Book!
Actually, I bought this when  was still like 8 yrs. old. This Sticker Book is so old right? :P
This is the only Winx Club thing that I have. Here on my country, Winx Club isn't that much popular. But there were also some Winx Dolls that are sold here on my country!
And my mom is planning to buy me a Musa Believix Doll on Christmas! 
Isn't that great to have Winx Club things? :D

Now, about the sticker book, actually, it was great! Especially that Enchantix is really my favorite transformation!

Actually, you need to collect all the stickers to complete your collection!
Unfortunately, I have just collected like 5 stickers... :/
Because when I was a kid, I am not really a big fan of Winx Club, just liked that TV show before and thats all.

Thats all I can say, you need to collect stickers to complete your collection! :)

And boy, am I so happy that I liked Winx Club again after all these years!
What made me like Winx again? The answer is...
Nickelodeon! When I was about to have a nap, Nick premieres the first special of Winx Club which really made me curious! And there, there started my love on Winx Club!

So I say, share the Winx Club's Magic all over the world! XD

-Miann ;)

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