Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Winx Club iTunes: New App! Winx Sirenix - Magic Oceans!

The Evil Tritannus is polluting the seas and oceans of the all the worlds. Only the Winx Girls can stop him, but to do that they'll have to discover their new secret Sirenix Power!
Help Bloom and her friends transform into Sirenix. Stop pollution using special spells and magical items to save the oceans.
Discover the importance of ecology and with the help of the Winx Girls learn to protect the oceans and the world from pollution!

7 different worlds to save, among which Earth, Melody, Linphea, Solaria and Andros.
125+ levels
20+ story dialogue
6+ different kinds of pollution to destroy
15+ magical items to help you in your quest
Salve the cute Bollabies in the ability Bonus Game.
Defeat Tritannus and his dark powers in special Boss Levels.
Help the Winx Girls stop Tritannus and discover the magic of behing a Sirenix!

By downloading this App you can play for free all of the first 20 levels in the first game World.
To unlock the 6 remaining Worlds and defeat Tritannus in the Final Level you will have to purchase the “Full Version” in-App.

You can download it Here!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Winx Club Jakks Pacific Flora Concert doll - Review by Nessa!

Hey everyone!
Yes, yes, we know, we haven't been that active lately. Sorry about that :/ All of us admins have been really busy, studying, school, homework etc. but we'll try to stay on track.

Anyways, on with the review that I promised ;)

I got this doll off my countries' equivalent to eBay, I'd say that I was pretty lucky to get it for the price I got it for! Better than buying off eBay.


The box was a little damaged as you can see.
I liked that they still kept it to Flora's style. I like how they used CGI artwork too, instead of 2D. 

I think they should have used Flora for this bit though, it would be more suitable :P

What it includes:

It includes a brush (the same sort as the others) but no 'Magical Membership Card'. I think it would have been cool to have one for the Concert doll collection too.

The doll:

I'll go backwards this time, from toe to head.

Ok, yeah, the boots are the wrong colour comparing to the show. They're suppose to be navy. But as far as designs go, I think it's great that they've added that extra detail to them.

Coming up to the outifit.

I know it's not 100% accurate, but you've got to admit it's pretty close. The jacket and shirt are not single items, they're joined together. It would have been nice to have them separate but...No Nessa, you're being too fussy. I like the sparkles on the shirt though, it's nice. Adding the little bow was a nice touch too.

Even though the skirt is sort of inaccurate, I still think it's pretty cute. I love the little belt :3

Now to the best part, the head/face.

I like the colour choice of her makeup, it's a perfect choice. The light coloured eye shadow and hot pink lipstick look good with the outfit. 

Oh look! The lighting has changed again, sorry >.<
Her hair is nicer than the Believix doll in my opinion. It's neater and more accurate by adding the bangs. 

Speaking of the Believix doll, the Flora Concert doll is very different from he Believix doll. Their faces, hair colour and skin tone are all different (not significantly,but it's noticeable).

Comparison of the Believix vs. Concert faces
As you can see, their faces are quite different. The Believix doll has a more softer look. 

The skin tones are slightly different. The Concert doll is darker than the Believix.

Their hair colours are different too (although you can't really see it in the photo). The Concert doll's hair is more ginger than brown. The Believix doll is a light-ish brown.

Overall, she's a really pretty doll. Well worth getting and I'm glad I jumped (literally) at the opportunity!


Thanks for reading!

~Nessa (:

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Please visit the forum of a friend of ours!

Hey guys! Sorry if we aren't updating much, we are truly busy...
Anyways, please try visiting the new forum of a friend of mine!

Thank you! :D

Monday, March 25, 2013

Witty Toys Sirenix Dolls Images!

Please note that these are Witty Toys dolls, NOT Jakks Pacific. Since Witty have partnered with Jakks, they have been using Jakks dolls as models. Personally, I don't think these ones a very good, but I'm looking forward to the Jakks dolls! :) Images thanks to winxclubrus on


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Episodes 20-26 information - SPOILERS!!


Winx Club Season 5 Episodes 20-26 information has been released! Credits to my friend AkshSirenix for the translations and CrystalWinx for the info!

Episode 20:
Thanks to a magical song, Musa is able to tame the whales and the Winx are able to restore the power of the Pillar of Balance and save planet Melody. Bloom is sad, because she is not able to continue her relationship with Sky as Diaspro has done her best to ruin their plans. During a training session at Alfea, Stella creates a magical coloured dress for Flora, and Flora is kidnapped by a black eagle who takes her for a flower. To save her the Winx use the golden eagles to go to the black eagle's nest.

Episode 21:
Tecna has her first date with Timmy. They meet at a classy restaurant for a romantic evening. The other Winx go to the Pillar of Control with the intention of destroying its seal and prevent Tritannus from activating the Emperor's Throne for good, but they are captured by a giant eel. Only Tecna can save the Winx from a nasty end...

Episode 22:
King Cryos of Zenith doesn't want to ally with the other kingdoms in the war against Tritannus as he thinks this choice isn't very logical and is too dangerous for his planet. Tecna and the Winx go to Zenith to persuade the king to listen to his heart. Tritannus, while struggling against the Selkies, temporarily weakens the Pillar of Control. Consequently a magical storm affects all the realms. On Zenith, the storms causes a short-circuit in the droids (robots) who start shooting everywhere with their laser beams. The town of Zenith is in danger. Meanwhile, Darcy and Stormy lose faith in Tritannus and decide to stop Icy.

Episode 23:
After finding out that the Winx have destroyed the seal of the Pillar of Control, Tritannus decides to look for Politea to steal her Sirenix power and activate the Emperor's Throne. Icy goes to look for Politea alone, but Darcy and Stormy do the same. To find Politea they must go to an underwater mountain known as the Black Shark. Bloom is also looking for Politea in order to try breaking the curse on her sister Daphne.

Episode 24:
The Winx are on a mission on the Island of the World to find the Breath of the Ocean, a magical stone that will bring together all the selkies of the magic dimension and will create an invincible army. Meanwhile, in Gardenia, Tritannus puts a spell on a refinery: acid rain starts falling on Paradise Bay, a place blessed by nature where the dolphins live. The Winx and the army of the Alliance, formed by the troops of the magic dimension, must do something before it's too late...

Episode 25:
In an epic battle, the Winx and the invincible army of the selkies join Nereus and Tressa to fight against Tritannus, Icy and his mutants. During the battle Tritannus captures Aisha to absorb her Sirenix powers and activate the Emperor's Throne.

Episode 26:
After the activation of the Emperor's Throne, Tritannus is no longer able to control himself and becomes a furious beast, wreaking havoc in the seas of all the worlds. Despite his love for Icy, Tritannus attacks her. Darcy and Stormy are able to save Icy. While the Winx are desperately trying to save the inhabitants of Andros from a rise in the sea level, Bloom and Nereus are the ones who have to free Aisha and Daphne and defeat Tritannus once and for all.

Looks like we're in for a pretty good second half, right? :)

~Nessa (:

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Search for the Eye of Inspiration- EYEBALLS!

Hey guys! For those who have noticed this quote, it really cracks me up!!! xD
It is really funny, especially talking about eyeballs...
I suggest you watch it too!
Now I captured these so that you would see. :P

Flora: Tiger's eye?

Aisha: Dragon's eye?

Tecna: Laser eye?

Stella: Eye to eye?

Musa: In your eye?

Bloom: *sighs*

Aisha: Dead eye!

Tecna: Black eye!

Stella: Stinky eye?

Flora: Ayayay!

Tecna: Hairy eyeball?

SEE? ITS REALLY FUNNY, especially its just all about eyeballs. :P
Love the ending with Tecna, and the hairy eyeball... xD
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Has Nickelodeon made the Winx too 'Earth' like?

Hey guys, it's Nessa here! I know, I know. I haven't posted for agggggeeeesss. Well, I guess I have a reasonable excuse, good ol' school and homework. I will try to post as much as possible, but I've got some pretty important exams so I'll try. Anyways, on with the topic.

Recently I have been thinking: Nick really have made the Winx like Earth girl teenagers, haven't they?

In previous seasons cellphones were hardly ever used. Ever. The only time they used them before Season 5 was once or twice in Season 4, like in Season 4 Episode 11 when Roxy said: "Have you ever heard of cellphones?" But now the Winx are continuously using them.

They're from the Magical Dimension, right? Surely the would have a much cooler, un-earthly way of communitcating, like telepathy or something. 

Continuing on the technology theme, the Winx are always using technology for a resource, like a typical teenage girl. Previously, especially in Season 1 and 4, the Winx would of used books for infomation. But it seems that technology has taken over.

Another thing that makes them more 'teenage earth girl'-like is their clothes. For example, the Harmonix. I've heard that the Harmonix was inspired by wedding dresses, but I think it more reassembles the 'A-Symmetrical' style that was very popular worldwide.

Notice the long back at the front and short at the back?
Kinda like the trend of 2012?
Even the trendy outfits reassemble some of the popular trends over the years. Like Stella's ruffled dress. It has been something we've seen here, even I own a ruffled dress. 

Not exactly the same, but you get my point
And remember the big skirt-and-legging phase? That's obvious in the Sirenix and Tecna's trendy outfit. 

Oh and I've seen that open-toe look heaps as well

Jumpsuits have been reasonably popular in the fashion world, and Aisha is wearing a jumpsuit. 

Pic thanks to my friend Di Zio ;)

So, have Nick made the Winx too earth-girl-like? I'll let you decide, but I think so.