Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Review on Flora Believix Doll by Miann! :D

Hey Everyone!!!! Miann is here!!!

I wanted to make a review on my Flora Believix Doll! 

So, lets start from the head.


Ok, she really does looks like Flora and her make-up really fits her well!
I was so happy that I got her this Christmas!

FYI, you can comb her hair without her getting to look like a monster like Jakks Pacific Dolls!

Made her pose like that, I hope you like it! ^_^

Now for her dress...
I like it too! She realy looks beautiful and it does fits her!
I know, its not Jakks Pacific but she still looks beautiful there. Right?
And I really like the flowers on her hair and on her top! ^_^

Full Figure:

Now she looks so beautiful there isn't she?
And one more thing, the shoes.
The shoes is great! And especially when you remove it, she wears socks! :P
Anyways, you gotta be careful to comb her hair or else the wings would be de-attached from her top.
And its a bit hard to attach especially she got a long hair :P. 
Anyways, for me, its easy to attach it back. :P


Actually, the left one is the brush while the right one is the mirror.
These both are handy for me! :)

I do hope you like my review on my doll, I am so sorry if its just few since I actually don't know how to review it... hehehehehehehe... :D

Here are more photos! 

FUNNY PHOTOS! (Made me laugh)
Cute for Halloween! XD


  1. Awww how cute! I'm making a blog about me xD Well my username and Imma review one of my fav things on it xD

  2. :P I'm laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate. Anyways, here you go: :)