Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bloom Believix Doll, Jakks Pacific - Review!

Hi there - it's Nessa here!

I got her for my birthday this year from my brother, although I know my mum payed for it since it would be so expensive! My mum told me how much it costed, and it came to a total of $50 NZD. That's including shipping (which was about $15 USD, although that's pretty cheap from the US) and currency exchange. When I first say the dolls, I really wanted one. But when I checked out the pricing, I thought: that's a bit out of my allowance! So I'm really glad I got my hands on one! I'm not planning on getting the others since it is quite pricey, but I do want to get a Harmonix doll at some stage.


I thought that the packaging was really nice and detailed. Each Winx has their own box catered for them, with their own shape in the corner. It is not too hard to get into, if you take your time you should be fine. There is some things, such as the band around her neck, that you need to be careful with otherwise you could end up cutting her hair.

 Front of box - it's covered in hearts, which is Bloom's signature shape!
 CGI Bloom Believix - from the front

      Back of box

What it includes:

The Doll:

Overall I was pretty pleased with the doll. There are a few details lacking though. 

Like the gloves, there aren't any included. You could try making some, but it would be very fiddly as you can see in the picture, her wrists are very small. I'm going to give it a try, why not?
Her hair is styled differently too. She has got long, curly bangs instead of shot, straight bangs. Once again, you could modify it yourself but I like it the way it is so I won't do anything about it.

The other thing that doesn't match up is the shoes. They are open-toe ones, when they are closed in the show. They have got a band around it to keep it on, and I suggest not to take it off. Same goes for the band that goes from the front of the skirt to the back, that stops the skirt from high-rising. Another tip is DO NOT brush the hair! It is already kinda messy once you get it out of the box. I got that tip from SibyllaJustice, thanks!

Other than that, the clothes fit beautifully! The skirt and top are quite poofy, which is just they way it is in the show. I like the way they have done the wings as well, using the 'X' was a great idea! It's much more compact than the way Mattel done the wings. They are kinda hard to get out, although I try to be very gentle with my dolls!

She is a very beautiful doll and I do recommend getting her! :)
Other photos:

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