Monday, December 17, 2012

Review on Season 5 Episode 1-5 Part 1 by Miann ;)

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A Review on Season 5!
This will be opinionated.
Me and Nessa will have separate reviews so that means that you would be seeing two reviews that will be divided into parts.
Part 1: Episodes 1-5
Part 2: Epsiodes 6-10
Part 3: Episodes 11-13
We wil only be posting Episodes 1-13 since episodes 14-26 havent aired yet.

Episode 1: The Lilo
The Believix part was really great but the plot, hmmm, not that much good, no offence.
Its just that it is way too out of the plot of Season 5.
The main plot of Season 5 is "Underwater Missions"
Well, its obvious that it has no plot about the "Underwater Missions".
Anyways, its called Believix Special. So, yeah.
Overall: 8/10

Epsiode 2: The Spill
Now this is the episode that I am really talking about! :D
This is where the whole plot started and also, this is where we met our new villain: Tritannus...
Also, we get to see our Specialists in this episode!
Just that I can say that this is the perfect episode to start the plot! ;)
Overall: 10/10

Episode 3: Rise of Tritannus
This is one of my favorite episodes because this is where the Winx are shown to be Nature Lovers. Right? ;)
And also, I really love their new song: The Power to Change the World.
And also, this is where the Winx started to fight with the Trix and Tritannus! :D
Overall: 10/10

Episode 4: Return to Alfea
This is a great episode.
 I really miss Alfea since in Season 4, we barely see Alfea right?
And also, this is where the search for the Sirenix book has started.
Now my fav. part there was that the Alfea Students were so excited to see the Winx!
Overall: 9/10

Epiode 5: The Sirenix Book
To tell you the truth, the preview of this episode from "Return to Alfea" is kinda creepy with its background music and... Tecna...
Tecna is my fav. Winx and its just creepy to see her as a Robot!
Yeah, she is a Technology Fairy but she doesn't deserve to be a Robot right?
She has feelings and those Trix just didn't understand anything about it.
Anyways, its just that weird and somewhat annoying to see Stella mad at Tecna for not giving her the fake book. I even don't know if at first, they knew that Tecna was in a spell...Oh well...
And the ending was a great ending! They saved Tecna and found the Sirenix Book! :D
With me getting creeped at Tecna being a Robot, I shall give...
Overall: 9/10

Thanks! Thats all! Part 2 will be up next after a few hours! Stay tuned to our review about Winx Club Season 5!

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