Monday, December 31, 2012

Musa Believix Doll - Review by Nessa :)

First of all I want to say...

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I wish all the best for 2013! :) 

Anyways, on with the review for Musa.


As I've said, each one is detailed to their style. I love the little treble clef in the corner, it's a nice touch. 

What it includes:

The doll:

I'll start from head to toe. She has a really pretty, oriental-like face, which is perfect for Musa. The only think I don't like is the lip colour. It blends into her skin tone. It should be a hot pink IMO. The thing I love the most about her is her hair. Even my 6 year old brother said her hair is beautiful. It's smooth and you can brush it without it going like and afro. It's styled accurately too. 

Her outfit is almost perfect. It's pretty accurate. I'm glad they added those ruffles on the side, it's nice. 

And as for the tie, when it's tucked in it looks more like how it looks in the show. 

Tucked in, sorry the lighting is a bit off >.<
Her wings are really beautiful. One of the nicest.

Her shoes are ok. They've outlined the detail, but not coloured it in if you know what I mean. It's all one colour. As I said in Flora's review I wish Jakks would detail them more.

Overall, she is a really pretty doll. The hair is amazing, and she looks really good overall.

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