Thursday, December 27, 2012

Flora Believix Doll - Review by Nessa :)

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas, and I hope you got some Winx stuff as well ;) I got some Winx stuff...

Flora and Musa Believix Jakks Pacific dolls! :D So I thought I should do a review for them. Today I'll do Flora.


As I said in the Bloom review, I love how each on is detailed to one's style. You still need to be careful opening it, because you don't want to end up cutting the hair or clothes. So far I've been able to keep the boxes in their (almost) original state.


What it includes:

My duvet matches perfectly with the colour scheme of Flora, pink and green :P

The doll:

My first reaction was: OMG! SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL!  And she really is. 

I'll start from head to toe. Her face looks really beautiful. Her eyes have that squint-like look as they do in the show. The hair is almost perfect too, but once again they have the long bangs instead of short ones. You could cut them I suppose, but I'm a bit unsure of that. They look fine as they are IMO.  I can't exactly go out to the shops and buy another one so I'm gonna keep it as it is. Also the hair is the same as Blooms, it will go like an Afro if you brush it. I tried to brush it a little at the ends since they were a bit messy, it's fine if you do that but don't brush it too much. The buns on her head look really nice (and accurate) too.

Her outfit is really, really pretty! And reasonably accurate too. Her skirt is poofy like it is in the show, and her top was done nicely as well. Sure it's not exactly the same as it is in the show, but it's the best you can do on that scale. She has a band going from the front to the back of her skirt and I wouldn't snip it. I think it keeps her skirt from high-rising :P

Her wings are amazing, I love them :3 But unlike my Bloom doll, the wings are really loose. They come out of the hole easier, and also they unclip too easy as well. But their design is just simply flawless.

This wing unclipped when I got it out of the box. It does go back on, but comes off again very easily compared to Bloom.
Her shoes are nice. I just wish Jakks would detail them a bit more instead of keeping them one colour. Mine were a bit hard to come off. Her socks are a hot pink, I think she would have suited something a bit more lighter. Otherwise, they're OK.

Overall, I think she is a really, really beautiful doll. Well worth getting her :) Thanks for reading!

Other photos:

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