Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Review on Season 5 Episodes 1-5 by Nessa :)


Episode 5 - The Lilo

Personally, I think it was a bad choice of a premiering episode. It just made me think, "What is going on here? Am I missing something?" They should have advertised it as a Believix Special, then show The Spill as Episode 1. It was just so out of the Season 5 plotline, as Miann said. It didn't make much sense. I didn't really see the point of the episode, although I did like that it was focused on Flora ^w^ The end effects were amazing, but a bit to show-off-like to me.
Overall: 7/10

Episode 1 - The Spill

I liked this episode waaaaay more than The Lilo. 
But...Bloom and Sky, oh my god....IGNORE YOUR FRIENDS BLOOM! Listen to your boyfriend! But that was so cute of Sky to give her a heirloom, or try to give it to her anyway. But Sky's usual excuse was that "He had to spend time on Eraklyon", oh yeah, I haven't heard that one before (sarcasm). I know he is a king now, but he could at least find some spare time right? Or Bloom could go and surprise visit him? I don't know, they just really need to work things out! And I don't really like his haircut, it's cross between Helia's and Brandon's, although I've gotten used to it now.
Overall: 10/10

Episode 2 - Rise of Tritannus

This is the first episode we see Icy starting to fall for Tritannus, OMG *o* I ship IcyxTritannus by the way <3 At first I didn't like the song they did, but it's actually really catchy. I like how the Winx would do anything to help out the city, we all need some people like that when something like that happens right?
Overall: 9/10

Episode 3 - Return to Alfea

I've also missed Alfea since Season 3, I miss them being there. But I guess things change and they move on. I'm glad to see Griselda hasn't changed one bit, still her grumpy old self. This episode had the action Season 5 needed so far. It looked like the might be some drama with Flora and Helia's relationship, finally! Their relationship was way to perfect, but I feel sorry for Flora because she's really sensitive and surprisingly jealous. I wish the writers would have done more FloraxHeliaxCrystal drama. This episode clarified that Flora is not the princess of Lynphea, at least it cleared that confusion up. Speaking of relationships, Sky seriously needs to spit it out! Tell your girl! Sky and Bloom definitely aren't my fave couple, but I actually wouldn't mind seeing one ep of him and Bloom talking over some stuff and sorting it out. It's not that hard to do right?
Overall: 10/10

Episode 4 - The Sirenix Book

I was also disappointed with the time shown for Tecna as a robot, and I also thought that she would actually be evil, like a Dark Tecna or something. Tecna doesn't get a lot of screentime, but I was happy with the episode. Sky is annoying me so much this season. It's all about him. Maybe he should have died when he fell. That sounds really mean. I take it that the pendant is what is stopping him from regaining his memory (and I was right in the end). Sky and Bloom just have a horrible relationship in general really, can't they just be happy together? Just for once? 
Overall: 8/10

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