Saturday, December 22, 2012

Does anyone remember these characters?

Hey guys - It's Nessa here :)

So...I was wondering, does anyone remember these characters?

Yes, you may recognise them. Roy and Crystal. So far in season 5, we've barely seen them but they have sure made an entrance. I expected Crystal to try and 'steal' Helia away from Flora, especially when Helia introduced Crystal to Flora by saying Flora was his friend. But that never happened. I also expected Aisha to fall for Roy after a while. But that never happened either. In other seasons the writers had perfect balance between relationships and battles/missions. But in this season, it seems to be lacking very much so. The Specialists have become nothing more than a minor character. The Winx are always too busy on a mission. The only Specialist we ever see is Sky, unfortunately. I thought the writers would mix up something good, like make some rivalry between HeliaxFlora's relationship or make Aisha choose between Roy or Nabu (if he does come back  when he comes back), but they haven't done anything good. I hope in the next half of season 5 we see something like this.

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