Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review on Season 5 Episodes 8-9 by Miann :)

Miann is back!
 Anyways, I will be reviewing on Episodes 8-9

Episode 8: Secret of the Ruby Reef
I'll say it is great! I love the party part and also the part that they were playing the harp!
Wow, did I just saw that Riven and Musa almost fought? 0_0
Anyways, it is great that Stella and Aisha are peace with each other at the end.
I'll say this is 10/10 :)

Episode 9: Gem of Empathy
In the start, Stella was acting like a 3 years old kid, then, well, it happened...
I really laughed at Musa, Flora and Brandon getting tired of Stella kid. xD
I say it is kinda a funny, cool plot. But anyways, I also liked the part that Bloom asked why Tecna and Timmy are mostly texting each other, not seeing each other...
Talk about shyness... xP
Anyways, I also laughed and was shocked at Aisha and Tecna fighting, what happened, they were spelled right? Anyways, the friend feud is quite a good plot also... :)
Anyways, overall, 9/10. :D

There you go! I reviewed the episodes 8-9. I hope you like it! ^_^ Sorry if I write like that, I only write the interesting parts... xP

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