Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review in Season 5 Episodes 6-7 by Miann :D

Lemme guess, its been long after me and Nessa have posted the review about the Season 5's episodes right?
Well, I am going to continue...
I will be doing only 2 episodes this time, takes time to write all five each post...
AND I don't have much time to write, I have other things to do like studying, etc.

Episode 6: Power of Harmonix

Hmmm, I'll say this is a good episode, this is interesting and all. :D
I also love the part about Tecna, Musa, and Stella while in the forest! It was really sooo touching! We even heard some facts about Zenith, right?
Well, the problem for me is, that they should have included all of the Winx's Harmonix Transformation, and also, it made me confuse, I actually didn't know that the order of their mission would be like that.
Oh well, overall: 9/10

Episode 7: Shimmering Shells
Sorry if I didn't take many captions on this episode...

This is also a good episode! Seeing Solaria again is a great idea! Not only that, we can also see the other planets of the Winx on the other episodes.
And the thing is, I was really confused that it didn't look like Flora when she turn into a statue. But it is great seeing Stella with her great idea!
I was happy to see Musa's and Tecna's Transformation.
Nothing much to say about this episode, so...
Overall: 9/10

I am so sorry if I write like this and not like before, full of energy, I am just really TOO BUSY to do everything! I need to study, study and study.
I will make it full of energy on the next reviews. :D

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