Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review in Season 5 Episodes 6-7 by Nessa :)

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've done my review right? :P So I'll continue where I left off on Episodes 6-7.

Episode 6:

 Man I felt sorry for Bloom. Krystal brought Diaspro into the picture, luckily Diaspro didn't try to interfere with Bloom and Sky's relationship (again). The moment that touched me the most was when Stella said that Tecna didn't care, even though she was joking, but Tecna expressed what she feels like. Tecna is like a machine, cold and serious, but she does really care deep down. Musa talked about her mother, which was great since Nick skipped Season 2 Episode 14. Since Nick fans didn't see that episode, they wouldn't have any idea what Musa's mother was like. So it was good for Musa to mention her. Another thing I like is that nick always make the battle scenes epic.
Overall: 9/10


Episode 7:

I thought this was a great episode. We got to see Solaria again. But something odd is not seeing all the Winx working together. This season they have split up into groups of 3's, usually they work in one big group. Thanks to Stella's smart thinking, they got the gem. But poor Flora, she is ALWAYS the one to get hit first, always! *shake my head* But the scene that caught me the most was this one:

That moment killed me several times. I watched that preview clip over and over again. Call me crazy, but I was in tears when I saw it :P I really REALLY hope Nabu comes back, I would disown Rainbow if they didn't bring him back.

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