Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winx Club Nostalgia Night - Part 1 by Nessa

Welcome to Nostalgia Night! This is going to be a new segment on the blog when we post about old Winx stuff we used (and still do) love. Winx Club has been going for 9 years now, so this will be a little flashback to the old days of Winx. 

So let's get started.

Dating back to 2005, a book was realised called "Dragon Fire". It was a comic book based on Season 1 Episode 10 (Magical Reality Check). Scholastic was the publisher, and when I saw it in the brochures I pleaded for my mum to get it for me. Since she knew I loved Winx so much, she got it for me. I remember every night I used to read it over and over again. I pretty much know the script for that episode off-by-heart now. One day when the power was out, and had nothing else to do, I came across that book again. To this day, I still love it :)

I don't think there's any scans of this around, so I guess these are pretty rare Winx Club pictures on the internet :P

Front cover of "Dragon Fire"
Back cover
Bloom's profile (4kids)

Stella's and Flora's profile (4kids)
Tecna's and Musa's profile (4kids)
Specialists' profiles (4kids)
Trix and Knut's profile (4kids)
Remember Knut, what happened to him?

More pictures to be added!

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