Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winx Club Nostalgia Night - Part 2

Hiya, it's Nessa here!

Looks like we are a tad overdue for the second part of this segment, been kinda busy lately. Part 2 is gonna be about this old website...

Does anyone remember that site? If you don't know, it's the 4kidsTV version of their official Winx website. As a kid it would be my number one site to visit. I would always play the game "Fairy Flight Training", it was so addictive! Unfortunately all the games and the whole site got taken down, but it will forever be in my memory :P


  1. There's still a way to make it work! :) Use the WayBack Machine (google it). With that I was able to view the main page again... couldn't get the games to load, but I've heard of people being able to on other sites, so maybe you could?

    If not, the games always get reposted to other sites. If you need help finding them tell me.

  2. I have seen games on other websites and they work fine :) I was playing them the other day actually. Oh wow! I didn't know you could get onto that page anymore, thanks for the info!

  3. 4Kids loses their rights now, Nick has a Winx Club website.