Sunday, March 3, 2013

Season 5 Volume 1 Review - Miann :D

Hey, hey, hey! I just wanted to review on the first part of Season 5. :3

Anyways, the first part of the Season is REALLY good, well, at first, but after some episodes, its like its repeating, the adventure, the same thing they were after. Just that there were extra parts, like the part that Stella turned into a 3 year old kid...

But anyways, the Harmonix Transformation is sooo FANTASTIC! I actually love Harmonix by the way. :D
Well, what can I say? I have a lot of things to talk about this, but I only can summarize it;
The first part of the Season 5 is like a adventure repeating, of course, they are after the 3 gems, but the way they get the gems, its like repeating, thats my problem with it. 
But overall, its a good one! ;)
I shall give it:
8/10! : Good 

I hope that score is ok.

-Miann :D

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