Saturday, March 16, 2013

Episodes 20-26 information - SPOILERS!!


Winx Club Season 5 Episodes 20-26 information has been released! Credits to my friend AkshSirenix for the translations and CrystalWinx for the info!

Episode 20:
Thanks to a magical song, Musa is able to tame the whales and the Winx are able to restore the power of the Pillar of Balance and save planet Melody. Bloom is sad, because she is not able to continue her relationship with Sky as Diaspro has done her best to ruin their plans. During a training session at Alfea, Stella creates a magical coloured dress for Flora, and Flora is kidnapped by a black eagle who takes her for a flower. To save her the Winx use the golden eagles to go to the black eagle's nest.

Episode 21:
Tecna has her first date with Timmy. They meet at a classy restaurant for a romantic evening. The other Winx go to the Pillar of Control with the intention of destroying its seal and prevent Tritannus from activating the Emperor's Throne for good, but they are captured by a giant eel. Only Tecna can save the Winx from a nasty end...

Episode 22:
King Cryos of Zenith doesn't want to ally with the other kingdoms in the war against Tritannus as he thinks this choice isn't very logical and is too dangerous for his planet. Tecna and the Winx go to Zenith to persuade the king to listen to his heart. Tritannus, while struggling against the Selkies, temporarily weakens the Pillar of Control. Consequently a magical storm affects all the realms. On Zenith, the storms causes a short-circuit in the droids (robots) who start shooting everywhere with their laser beams. The town of Zenith is in danger. Meanwhile, Darcy and Stormy lose faith in Tritannus and decide to stop Icy.

Episode 23:
After finding out that the Winx have destroyed the seal of the Pillar of Control, Tritannus decides to look for Politea to steal her Sirenix power and activate the Emperor's Throne. Icy goes to look for Politea alone, but Darcy and Stormy do the same. To find Politea they must go to an underwater mountain known as the Black Shark. Bloom is also looking for Politea in order to try breaking the curse on her sister Daphne.

Episode 24:
The Winx are on a mission on the Island of the World to find the Breath of the Ocean, a magical stone that will bring together all the selkies of the magic dimension and will create an invincible army. Meanwhile, in Gardenia, Tritannus puts a spell on a refinery: acid rain starts falling on Paradise Bay, a place blessed by nature where the dolphins live. The Winx and the army of the Alliance, formed by the troops of the magic dimension, must do something before it's too late...

Episode 25:
In an epic battle, the Winx and the invincible army of the selkies join Nereus and Tressa to fight against Tritannus, Icy and his mutants. During the battle Tritannus captures Aisha to absorb her Sirenix powers and activate the Emperor's Throne.

Episode 26:
After the activation of the Emperor's Throne, Tritannus is no longer able to control himself and becomes a furious beast, wreaking havoc in the seas of all the worlds. Despite his love for Icy, Tritannus attacks her. Darcy and Stormy are able to save Icy. While the Winx are desperately trying to save the inhabitants of Andros from a rise in the sea level, Bloom and Nereus are the ones who have to free Aisha and Daphne and defeat Tritannus once and for all.

Looks like we're in for a pretty good second half, right? :)

~Nessa (:


  1. sounds intresting but I have a feeling that some of this might be false

  2. not really..... its not false....

  3. The information is pretty accurate and from a reliable source, but who knows? It could turn out like this :)