Thursday, March 7, 2013

Has Nickelodeon made the Winx too 'Earth' like?

Hey guys, it's Nessa here! I know, I know. I haven't posted for agggggeeeesss. Well, I guess I have a reasonable excuse, good ol' school and homework. I will try to post as much as possible, but I've got some pretty important exams so I'll try. Anyways, on with the topic.

Recently I have been thinking: Nick really have made the Winx like Earth girl teenagers, haven't they?

In previous seasons cellphones were hardly ever used. Ever. The only time they used them before Season 5 was once or twice in Season 4, like in Season 4 Episode 11 when Roxy said: "Have you ever heard of cellphones?" But now the Winx are continuously using them.

They're from the Magical Dimension, right? Surely the would have a much cooler, un-earthly way of communitcating, like telepathy or something. 

Continuing on the technology theme, the Winx are always using technology for a resource, like a typical teenage girl. Previously, especially in Season 1 and 4, the Winx would of used books for infomation. But it seems that technology has taken over.

Another thing that makes them more 'teenage earth girl'-like is their clothes. For example, the Harmonix. I've heard that the Harmonix was inspired by wedding dresses, but I think it more reassembles the 'A-Symmetrical' style that was very popular worldwide.

Notice the long back at the front and short at the back?
Kinda like the trend of 2012?
Even the trendy outfits reassemble some of the popular trends over the years. Like Stella's ruffled dress. It has been something we've seen here, even I own a ruffled dress. 

Not exactly the same, but you get my point
And remember the big skirt-and-legging phase? That's obvious in the Sirenix and Tecna's trendy outfit. 

Oh and I've seen that open-toe look heaps as well

Jumpsuits have been reasonably popular in the fashion world, and Aisha is wearing a jumpsuit. 

Pic thanks to my friend Di Zio ;)

So, have Nick made the Winx too earth-girl-like? I'll let you decide, but I think so.

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