Monday, March 4, 2013

Review on Season 5 Episode 16 ~Miann :D

Hey, I haven't watched Episode 15 fully, honestly...hehehehehe
So, I will review on Episode 16, and boy, I have ALOT of things to say, but I can only summarize it. :P

Got this from, in Stella's profile. ;)

I am actually happy at how Stella is being brave. That impressed me!
I was also happy that Radius is saved!
I am just sad that Radius is all being proud of himself, and that made Luna and leave them.
Luna even cared for him when he was sick! Then all he can do was to treat her like that?! PFFT!
I really don't like Radius' personality, it makes me think that Erendor is better than him. :P

Credits to Jad2350 for the Episode he posted!

But anyways, I really loved the part where the Winx fought for the monster, which Professor Wizgiz made, just to train the Winx! I love the quote that he said, although I forgot the exact thing, hehehehehe.
I was also VERY happy that Tecna did a great help to the Winx with her Digital Web! Tecna is only sometimes seen making spells and sorts. But this time, its like she is really one of the Winx that made themselves win!

I thought that Tecna and Musa are slightly disregarded. But good thing that both of them are slowly shining again, I don't know why, but they are! I hope it stays! ;)

Anyways, I shall give this episode 9/10!
Thats why its missing one point because of Radius' acts. :P
I really don't like him. xD

Thanks for reading my review!

~Miann :D

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