Sunday, April 28, 2013

Winx Club Jakks Pacific Flora Concert doll - Review by Nessa!

Hey everyone!
Yes, yes, we know, we haven't been that active lately. Sorry about that :/ All of us admins have been really busy, studying, school, homework etc. but we'll try to stay on track.

Anyways, on with the review that I promised ;)

I got this doll off my countries' equivalent to eBay, I'd say that I was pretty lucky to get it for the price I got it for! Better than buying off eBay.


The box was a little damaged as you can see.
I liked that they still kept it to Flora's style. I like how they used CGI artwork too, instead of 2D. 

I think they should have used Flora for this bit though, it would be more suitable :P

What it includes:

It includes a brush (the same sort as the others) but no 'Magical Membership Card'. I think it would have been cool to have one for the Concert doll collection too.

The doll:

I'll go backwards this time, from toe to head.

Ok, yeah, the boots are the wrong colour comparing to the show. They're suppose to be navy. But as far as designs go, I think it's great that they've added that extra detail to them.

Coming up to the outifit.

I know it's not 100% accurate, but you've got to admit it's pretty close. The jacket and shirt are not single items, they're joined together. It would have been nice to have them separate but...No Nessa, you're being too fussy. I like the sparkles on the shirt though, it's nice. Adding the little bow was a nice touch too.

Even though the skirt is sort of inaccurate, I still think it's pretty cute. I love the little belt :3

Now to the best part, the head/face.

I like the colour choice of her makeup, it's a perfect choice. The light coloured eye shadow and hot pink lipstick look good with the outfit. 

Oh look! The lighting has changed again, sorry >.<
Her hair is nicer than the Believix doll in my opinion. It's neater and more accurate by adding the bangs. 

Speaking of the Believix doll, the Flora Concert doll is very different from he Believix doll. Their faces, hair colour and skin tone are all different (not significantly,but it's noticeable).

Comparison of the Believix vs. Concert faces
As you can see, their faces are quite different. The Believix doll has a more softer look. 

The skin tones are slightly different. The Concert doll is darker than the Believix.

Their hair colours are different too (although you can't really see it in the photo). The Concert doll's hair is more ginger than brown. The Believix doll is a light-ish brown.

Overall, she's a really pretty doll. Well worth getting and I'm glad I jumped (literally) at the opportunity!


Thanks for reading!

~Nessa (:

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