Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Winx Club Season 5 Part 2 - DON'T MISS IT!

Hey guys!
We just can't stress this enough, please all AMERICAN fans watch Winx Club on TV at 1/12c! Season 5 part 2 starts back on the 17th February, please watch it on Nickelodeon! We know that it is available on Youtube and iTunes, and you may have already watched it, but try your best to watch it on TV too. We need to get not only the viewers up, but we need the ratings too! 

I decided to make my own poster :P
Please spread the word to any other Winx fan, or any other close friend you know! We need to keep Winx going, if we don't get the ratings/views up, Nickelodeon could easily drop the show and not even air Season 6. I guess the worst scenario is that if Season 6 is not completed right now, they could stop the production of Season 6 altogether. It would be really disappointing to see our show be dropped. Please watch it, DO NOT MISS IT!

~Nessa :)

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